The Japan maples are now grown in pots for conservatory decoration, and many are sold and forced for Easter. They are largely imported, but can also be obtained from American nurseries. Being perfectly hardy they can be procured in the fall and stored away in a cold-pit till they are wanted to pot and force. Give them two months in the house from time of potting till they are wanted in full leaf. If forced rapidly they are more likely to wilt when exposed to cold wind or dryness.

While I have alluded to these in the article on Trees and Shrubs I will add here that they are most beautiful little ornamentals for the lawn, either in groups or singly. They proved during an unusualy long, cold winter to be entirely hardy, coming through the winter unhurt and without the slightest protection.

There are several varieties of A. Ja-ponicum, the foliage shaded from yellow to blood red, and all are worth growing.