The Asparagus Sprengeri is a great acquisition, and is and will be largely used. Its pendent growths make it just the plant to hang from mantels or bookcases, or to cover unsightly pots. Some plants in 4 and 5-inch pots, with a good growth, should always be on hand, and so should baskets of this useful plant. There is scarcely a plant that so readily adapts itself to the very unnatural conditions of a hanging basket. Its great freedom of growth and hardiness under neglect and abuse may make it too common, but not just yet. It is unnecessary to say that this plant thrives under the most unfavorable conditions - sun or shade, wet or dry. I have tried it in many places and find it endures the gas, the wild exaggerations, the anecdotes and classical quotations of a suburban barber shop; and the aspidistra is the only other plant that is known to have lived through that ordeal. The Ficus elastica has been tried in tonsorial environments, but says: "I have got some credit as a stretcher, but that last yarn kills me."