The Cherry, the Currant, and Strawberry red,

To the rich and the poor their refreshment have shed;

Pomona has scatter'd her blessings abroad,

The full-bearing branches bend down with their load.

The principal business of this month in the fruit garden is summer pruning, which is generally performed with the finger and thumb, by detaching all superfluous shoots and buds; and also to thin the young fruit of Apricot, Nectarine, and other choice trained trees, where it sets too thick or in clusters. The Apricots, so thinned off, and the first principal green fruit, will make excellent pies and tarts. See pages 48 and 92.

Cherry trees of the finest sorts may be defended from birds, with nets, particularly those trained as espaliers, 52.

Currant and Gooseberry shrubs of choice late varieties, trained as espaliers or standards, if very crowded with shoots of the year, should be pruned, and the Gooseberry fruit thinned, to promote its growth and ripening in full per fection, 59 and 71.

All trees on espaliers require attention; cut off such superfluous shoots as are not required to be trained in, leaving well-situated middle-sized shoots to supply the place of any old branches that it may bo thought necessary to cut away, 23.

Grape Vines should be looked over every week

Cut off all the tendrils and useless young shoots, and stop the shoots before the bunches of fruit. Train up the shoots for bearing next season, and to a proper length, before you stop them, 86.

Newly planted trees should be watered in dry hot weather; an occasional hoeing around them will also be bene ficial, but care must be taken not to injure the roots.

The trained trees and espaliers should be examined frequently, and cleared of dead leaves and insects; which can be done by the hand, with very little trouble. For the destruction of Rose Bugs on Grape Vines and Fruit Trees, see article Grape, page 84.

Those who have plenty of Strawberry beds, may, by mowing the tops from some of them while they are in blossom, obtain a supply of fruit at a season when Strawberries are scarce. The beds will require to be hoed, and watered in dry weather, 136 and 137.