"The Florist's Guide

- A delightful little book, which we advise every body to purchase - at least every body that has the least liking for the pleasing occupation on which it treats." - Courier & Enquirer.

"The Florist's Guide," like its companion, "The Young Gardener's Assistant," is a useful work, which every Gardener and Florist may consult to advantage. It gives minute directions concerning plants of various species; the names and characters of each being alphabetically arranged, makes it an invaluable manual for those who may wish to superintend the management of their own gardens." - Newark Daily Advertiser.

"This is one of the best works on the subject ever published in any country: it contains Practical Directions for the Cultivation of Annual, Biennial, and Perennial Flowering Plants, of different classes, Herbaceous and Shrubby, Bulbous. Fibrous, and Tuberous-rooted, including the Double Dahlia, Greenhouse Plants in Booms, etc. etc.

"A work of the above kind has been long wanted; hitherto, it required an expenditure of some three or four dollars to get any kind of readable directions for small gardens, window gardening, plants in rooms, etc, which, when procured, were so full of botanical foppery, that plain, honest people, after wading through some three or four hundred pages, were as wise as to knowing how to set about their gardening, as when they commenced their book. The present little work obviates all these difficulties. The author is well known as one of our practical gardeners, and it may be truly said he has rendered the ladies in particular (for whom the work was projected) an essential service; the directions for the care of the Camellia Japonica, the Double Dahlia, the sowing and treatment of Annual Flower Seed, etc, are alone worth double the price of the book; so is the Calendarial Index, which, by the untiring industry of Mr. Bridgeman, is made to include in some half dozen pages, more valuable information than is to be found in some ponderous octavos on the same subject." - G. C. Thorburn, from the N. Y. Commercial.

"The style is free, and the language appropriate; the plan is judicious, and the contents embrace much well arranged practical information, unencumbered with disquisitions foreign to the object of the work. We very cheerfully recommend it to our readers as a cheap and useful book." Gardener's Magazine.

The Florist's Guide has also been very favourably noticed by the editors of many other very respectable periodicals, as a work eminently calculated to promote a love for the cultivation and correct management of flowers -the study of which, remarks one of these writers, "refines the taste, and imparts just and ennobling views of the wise provisions of nature."