Angelique, Coucourelle Blanche, Melitte

Fruit rather small, somewhat pyramidal; skin yellow, mottled with white; pulp white; seed tinged with red. In the neighbourhood of Paris this variety produces two crops annually; the first is usually thin, but the second very abundant and excellent.

Black Italian

Fruit small and round; pulp very delicious. Mr. Forsyth used to cultivate this kind in pots, and it is recorded that he has gathered from one plant two dozen figs in a day.

Blue or Purple, Large Blue, Great Blue, Large Purple Fruit large, oblong; skin purple, covered with thick blue bloom; pulp deep red, and of a rich flavour: ripe in August. The tree is hardy and prolific.

Bourdeaux, Figue Poire, Violeite de Bourdeaux

Fruit of a pyramidal figure; skin brownish red, slightly mottled; pulp red, succulent, and sweet. This is cultivated throughout France, and produces two crops annually.

Brown Turkey

Fruit small and round; pulp very delicious. This and the Black Italian are mentioned by Mr. Forsyth as being cultivated by him in pots, and each possessing equal merit.

Brunswick, Madonna, Hanover

Fruit very large, obovate; skin pale green, tinged with yellow; flesh pinkish, extremely rich, and high flavoured. This is one of the largest and best hardy figs for garden culture, and it will ripen in the neighbourhood of London by the middle of August.

Chestnut, Chestnut-coloured Ishia, Brown Ischia. Fruit globular of large size; skin of a brown chestnut colour; pulp purple sweet, and high flavoured This kind will often yield two crops in England, the first fruit of which ripens in August.

Early White, Small Early White

Fruit somewhat round; skin thin; when fully ripe of a pale yellow colour; pulp white, sweet, and of pleasant flavour. This generally ripens two crops in one season.

Green Ischia

Fruit oblong; skin green, very thin; pulp purple, which, when fully ripe, stains the skin to a brownish cast. This is a very high flavoured fig, especially in warm countries: ripe in August.

Large White Genoa

Fruit large, globular; skin thin, white, turning to yellow when fully ripe; pulp red, and of good flavour, This in England bears two crops, annually.

Malta, Small Brown, of some gardens

Fruit small; skin pale brown; pulp very sweet and well flavoured: ripe in August, and if left hanging on the tree until shrivelled, it becomes a fine sweetmeat.


The Nerii fig is highly esteemed in England. Fruit oblong, of medium size; skin pale greenish yellow; the flesh is very rich, and the juice possesses a delicate acidity, which renders it peculiarly palatable: ripe in August.


Fruit large, oblate; skin dark brown; pulp deep red; remarkably sweet and rich: ripe in August.

Purple Genoa

Fruit large, long; skin dark purple; pulp extremely sweet and luscious: ripe in August.

Violette, Figue Violette

The Violet Fig, like the Angelique, is much cultivated in the neighbourhood of Paris, and produces two crops annually. Fruit small; skin deep violet; pulp, near the skin, white; the interior red, and of excellent flavour.

White Marseilles, Pocock, Figue Blanche

Fruit medium size, somewhat turbinate; skin pale green, becoming yellowish when fully ripe: flesh white, dry, sweet, and rich: ripe in August.

Yellow Ischia, Cyprus

Fruit large, of a pyramidal form, skin yellow, when fully ripe; pulp purple and high flavoured: in August and September.