This is the most remarkable group of Roses introduced for many years. They are varieties of extraordinary value, notably the Crimson and Yellow Ramblers. Among climbing roses these are most beautiful for the adornment of pillars, trellis, arbors, or for covering porches or the ends of houses In their blooming season they are fairly covered with lovely flowers, and they are very much valued by all planters of roses, being perfectly hardy and of vigorous growth. Their successful culture offers no obstacles even to the inexperienced; always free from disease and insects.

* Crimson Rambler

-- This is truly a remarkable and unlooked for novelty among Hardy Climbing Roses. It is a vigorous, rapid grower, making shoots 10 to 2et feet in height in one season. When grown as a bush it is equally desirable. In Japan, where it originated, Crimson Rambler is known as the Cherry Rose, so bright are its flowers. No yard or garden should be without the Crimson Rambler.

* Yellow Rambler

-- This is the only hardy Yellow Climbing Rose in cultivation. It is perhaps a more important introduction than its renowned relative, Crimson Rambler, with which it is identical, with the exception of the flowers, which are deep golden yellow.

* White Rambler

-- This is a splendid rose; distinct and valuable; the flowers are pure white and very fragrant; they are borne in clusters, and a well established plant in bloom makes a striking appearance.

* Pink Rambler

-- Possesses the same valuable features found in the White Rambler, except in color of flower, which is a brilliant light carmine; perfectly hardy.