The practical point that a path is not a drive or road has already been maintained, and it has to be fully recognised in considering the question of cost. A garden path is constructed for foot traffic, and not for heavy vehicles, such as carts. Except where the whole of the material has to be brought from a considerable distance, the cost of making a substantial gravel path should not exceed 3s. 6d. per square yard. This allows for a layer of large ballast in the bottom, chalk or small flint on the top (these two layers combined 6 inches thick), and a surfacing of gravel 3 inches deep. A tarred path will cost is. a yard less, but tar is apt to be sticky and smelly. Asphalte, on the contrary, will cost a great deal more.

The Cost Of Turfing

In country districts the cost of turf is generally threepence per square yard. If it has to be carted a distance the cost may increase by about half a crown per hundred turves. On the other hand, a more favourable bargain may sometimes be made under the influence of local circumstances. The author has been offered good turves, from light land, for ten shillings per hundred, carted three miles - and has not refused!