W. D. Frost's Laboratory Guide in Elementary Bacteriology . . .       1 60 net

I. P. Sheldon's The Farm and the Dairy.......       1 00 net

Chr. Barthel's Methods Used in the Examination of Milk and Dairy

Products.............       190 ne'

On Plant Diseases, etc.

George Massee's Plant Diseases          . . . . . . . .       1 60 ne

J. G. Lipman's Bacteria in Relation to Country Life.....       1 50 net

E. C. Lodeman's The Spraying of Plants.......       1 25 net

H. M. Ward's Disease in Plants (English)......       1 60 net

A. S. Packard's A Text-book on Entomology......       4 50 net

On Production of New Plants

L. H. Bailey's Plant-Breeding.........       125 net

L. H. Bailey's The Survival of the Unlike.......       2 00 net

L. H. Bailey's The Evolution of Our Native Fruits.....       2 00 net

W. S. Harwood's New Creations in Plant Life......       1 75 net

On Economics and Organization

J. McLennan's Manual of Practical Farming......       1 50 net

L. H. Bailey's The State and the Farmer.......       1 25 net

Henry C. Taylor's Agricultural Economics......       1 25 net

I. P. Roberts's The Farmer's Business Handbook.....       1 25 net

George T. Fairchild's Rural Wealth and Welfare.....       1 25 net

S. E. Sparling's Business Organization.......       1 25 net

In the Citizen's Library. Includes a chapter on Farming

Kate V. St. Maur's A Self-supporting Home......       1 75 net

Kate V. St. Maur's The Earth's Bounty.......       1 75 net

G. F. Warren and K. C. Livermore's Exercises in Farm Management .           80 net

H.N. Ogden's Rural Hygiene.........       1 50 ne*

On Everything Agricultural

L. H. Bailey's Cyclopedia of American Agriculture:

Vol. I. Farms, Climates, and Soils. Vol. III. Farm Animals.

Vol. II. Farm Crops.                             Vol. IV. The Farm and the Community

Complete in four royal 8vo volumes, with* over 2000 illustrations.

Price of sets : cloth, $20 net ; half-morocco, $32 net.

For further information as to any of the above, address the publisher.

The Macmillan Company

Publishers           64-66 Fifth Arenue            New York

The Rural Outlook Set

By Professor L. H. BAILEY

Director of the New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University

Four Volumes. Each, cloth, i2mo. Uniform binding, attractively boxed. $5.00 net per set; carriage extra. Each volume also sold separately.

In this set are included three of Professor Bailey's most popular books as well as a hitherto unpublished one, — "The Country-Life Movement." The long and persistent demand for a uniform edition of these little classics is answered with the publication of this attractive series.

The Country-Life Movement

Cloth, i2mo, 220 pages, $1.25 net; by mail, $1.34

This hitherto unpublished volume deals with the present movement for the redirection of rural civilization, discussing the real country-life problem as distinguished from the city problem, known as the back-to-the-land movement.

The Outlook to Nature (New and Revised Edition)

Cloth, i2mo, 195pages, $1.25 net; by mail, $1.34

In this alive and bracing book, full of suggestion and encouragement, Professor Bailey argues the importance of contact with nature, a sympathetic attitude toward which " means greater efficiency, hopefulness, and repose."

The State and the Farmer (New Edition)

Cloth, i2mo, $1.23 net; by mail, $1.34

It is the relation of the farmer to the government that Professor Bailey here discusses in its varying aspects. He deals specifically with the change in agricultural methods, in the shifting of the geographical centers of farming in the United States, and in the growth of agricultural institutions.

The Nature Study Idea (New Edition)

Cloth, i2mo, $1.25 net; by mail, $1.34

" It would be well," the critic of The Tribune Farmer once wrote, " if ' The Nature Study Idea' were in the hands of every person who favors nature study in the public schools, of every one who is opposed to it, and, most important, of every one who teaches it or thinks he does." It has been Professor Bailey's purpose to interpret the new school movement to put the young into relation and sympathy with nature,— a purpose which he has admirably accomplished.

The Macmillan Company

Publishers          64-66 Fifth Avenue          New York

The Rural Text-Book Series Edited by L. H. BAILEY

A series of books primarily intended for the students in agricultural colleges, but exceedingly useful to any one who is willing to give the subject serious study.

Now Ready Or In Press

The Principles of Soil Management

By T. L. LYON and E. O. FIPPIN

An interesting, easily understood general discussion of soils, drainage, mulcn ing, irrigation, manures, fertilizers, etc. A book which every farmer should study.

Cloth, i2mo, 531 pages, illustrated, $1.75 net

Southern Field Crops


Dec. cloth, illustrated, i2mo, 579 pages, $1.75 net

Plant Physiology


Dec. cloth, illustrated, i2mo, 516 pages, $1.60 net TO BE ADDED TO THE SERIES LATER

Manures and Fertilizers                  By h. j. wheeler

Animal Breeding                           By f. b. mumford

Cotton                                              By R. J. H. DE LOACH

Volumes On Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology,

And Special Phases Of Farm Life

Will Probably Be Arranged For At An Early Day

The Macmillan Company

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