The following pages contain advertisements of a few of the Macmillan books by the same author and on kindred subjects

Cyclopedia of American Agriculture

Edited by L. H. Bailey

Director of the College of Agriculture and Professor of Rural Economy, Cornell University.

With 100 full-page plates and more than 2000 illustrations in the text; four volumes; the set, $20.00 net; half morocco, $32.00 net; carriage extra

Volume I — Farms               Volume III — Animal

Volume II — Crops              Volume IV — The Farm and the Community

*' Indispensable to public and reference libraries . . . readily comprehensible to any person of average education." — The Nation.

"The completest existing thesaurus of up-to-date facts and opinions on modern agricultural methods. It is safe to say that many years must pass before it can be surpassed in comprehensiveness, accuracy, practical value, and mechanical excellence. It ought to be in every library in the country." — Record-Herald, Chicago.

Cyclopedia of American Horticulture

Edited by L. H. Bailey

With over 2800 original engravings; four volumes; the set, $20.00 net; half morocco, $32.00 net; carriage extra

" This really monumental performance will take rank as a standard in its class. Illustrations and text are admirable. . . . Our own conviction is that while the future may bring forth amplified editions of the work, it will probably never be Superseded. Recognizing its importance, the publishers have given it faultless form. The typography leaves nothing to be desired, the paper is calculated to stand wear and tear, and the work is at once handsomely and attractively bound." — New York Daily Tribune.

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