Permanent Attar or Otto of Roses (Ellwanger). — The roses employed should be just blown, of the sweetest-smelling kinds, gathered in as dry a state as possible. After each gathering, spread out the petals on a sheet of paper and leave until free from moisture ; then place a layer of petals in a jar, sprinkling with coarse salt; then another layer of coarse salt, alternating until the jar is full. Leave for a few days, or until a broth is formed; then incorporate thoroughly and add more petals and salt, mixing thoroughly daily for a week, when fragrant gums and spices should be added, such as benzoin, storax, cassia-buds, cinnamon, cloves, car-damon, and vanilla-bean. Mix again and leave for a few days, when add essential oil of jasmine, violet tuberose, and attar of roses, together with a hint of ambergris or musk, in mixture with the flower ottos, to fix the odor. Spices, such as cloves, should be sparingly used.

Perfume-jar. — 1. One pound of dried rose-petals bought at a drug-store, 4 ounces of salt, and 2 ounces of saltpeter, on which put 8 drops of essence of ambergris, 6 drops of essence of lemon, 4 drops of oil of cloves, 4 drops of oil of lavender, and 2 drops of essence of bergamot.

2. One-half pound of common salt, 1/4 pound saltpeter, \ ounce storax, one-half dozen cloves, a handful of dried bay-leaves, and another handful of dried lavender-flowers. This basis will last for years, and petals of roses and other fragrant flowers gathered on dry days may be added annually, or powered benzoin, chips of sandalwood, cinnamon, orris-root, or musk may be added.

Lavender-bag. — One-half pound lavender-flowers, one-half ounce dried thyme and mint, one-fourth ounce ground cloves and caraway, one ounce common salt. Tie up in a linen bag, which is hung in a wardrobe.

Orris-root is a good medium in which to place delicate perfumes for perfumery bags.