The most satisfactory method of keeping cabbages is to bury them in the field. Choose a dry place, pull the cabbages, and stand them head down on the earth. Cover them with soil to the depth of 6 or 10 inches, covering very lightly at first to prevent heating — unless the weather should quickly become severe — and as winter sets in, cover with a good dressing of straw or coarse manure. The cabbages should be allowed to stand where they grew until cold weather approaches. The storing beds are usually made about 6 or 8 feet wide, so that the middle of the bed can be reached from either side, and to prevent heating if the weather should remain open. Cabbages quickly decay in the warm weather of spring.

Cabbage for family use is most conveniently kept in a barrel or box half buried in the garden. Cabbages and turnips should never be kept in the house cellar, as when decaying they become very offensive.