Woodchucks or Ground-hogs Remedies

These animals are readily trapped at the mouths of their burrows. They are also easily killed by the vapor of bisulfid of carbon, the liquid being poured on a handful of moss, cotton, or other absorbent material, and pushed down the burrow, all openings being at once closed. The vapor is heavier than air, and will settle to the bottom, where it will kill any animal present.

Pocket-gophers Remedies

These pests are readily destroyed by poisoned grain, corn being especially recommended for the purpose, although various other materials may be employed. A dibble, made by adding a metal point to a spade handle, is used to make holes in the runways, into which the poisoned bait is dropped. " A skillful operator," writes D. E. Lantz, " can go over twenty to forty acres of badly infested land in a day, and, if the work is done carefully, at a time when the pocket-gophers are active, all the animals should be destroyed by the first application of poison." The pests may also be destroyed by trapping and by fumigation with carbon bisulfid.

Wolves and Coyotes Remedies

These animals are most easily destroyed by hunting out the breeding-places in early spring and killing the litters of pups. They may also be poisoned and trapped.

Muskrats Remedies

Powdered strychnia sulfate sweetened with powdered sugar or commercial saccharin and sprinkled over freshly cut pieces of apple, carrot, or ripe squash has proved effective. Crystals of the same poison may be inserted in the bait with a knife.