This disease is less troublesome on raspberries than on blackberries and dewberries. It has been reported from several eastern and middle western states, but no cases of severe injury are recorded.

The spots often appear as early as the middle of June in the form of whitish or faintly brownish areas. Frequently they are numerous, and in very severe cases an affected leaf dries up. In rare cases this results in the development of inferior fruit which is small, dry and tasteless.

The disease is controlled by the use of bordeaux mixture, although the foliage of raspberries is delicate, and susceptible to injury by this fungicide. (See Blackberry, page 166.)

Armillaria Root Rot, Caused By Armillaria Mellea (Fries) Quel

Raspberries are seriously injured by the shoe - string fungus in the Pacific Northwest. (See fuller account under Apple, page 96.)