A List Of First-Class Cooking Apples

Beauty of Kent.


Blenheim Pippin.

Bramley's Seedling.

Cox's Pomona.

Duchess of Oldenburg.

Ecklinville Seedling.

Gascoyne's Seedling.

Golden Noble.

Lane's Prince Albert.

Lord Derby.

Fig. 31. Apple Lord Derby.
Fig. 31. Apple Lord Derby

Lord Grosvenor.

Manks's Codlin.

New Hawthornden.

Newton Wonder.

Potts's Seedling.

Stirling Castle.

Warner's King.


A Supplementary List Of Cooking Apples

Annie Elizabeth.

Bedfordshire Founding.

Betty Geeson.


Emperor Alexander.

Frogmore Prolific.

Hoary Morning.

Holland bury.

Kentish Fill basket.

Keswick Codlin.

Lady Henniker.

Fig. 33. Apple Lady Henniker.
Fig. 33. Apple Lady Henniker

Lamb Abbey Pearmain.

Lord Suffield.

Mere de Menage.

New Northern Greening.

Norfolk Beefing.

Small's Admirable.

Stone's (Loddington).

Fig. 32. Apple Stone's.
Fig. 32. Apple Stone'S

Striped Beefing.

Tower of Glammis.

Waltham Abbey Seedling.

Wormsley Pippin.

A Selection Of First-Class Cooking Apples, With Their Seasons

August and September. Duchess of Oldenburg. Lord Grosvenor.

September and October. Stirling Castle. Bismarck.

October to December. Golden Noble. Cox's Pomona. Lord Derby. Ecklinville Seedling.

October to January. Beauty of Kent.

October to February. Warner's Kins.

November to February. Blenheim Pippin.

November to March. Newton Wonder. Wellington.

November to May or June. Bramley's Seedling. Lane's Prince Albert.

A Supplementary Selection Of Cooking Apples, With Their Seasons

August and September. Keswick Codlin. Lord Suffield.

September to December. Emperor Alexander. Waltham Abbey Seedling.

October. Cellini.

October to January. Hoary Morning. Hollandbury. Peasgood's Nonsuch. Mere de Menage. Stone's (Loddington).

October to February. Lady Henniker.

November to January. Kentish Fillbasket. Small's Admirable.

November to February. Tower of Glammis.

November to March, Bedfordshire Foundling.

November to April. New Northern Greening.

November to May. Betty Geeson. Striped Beefing.

January to May. Ham bled on Deux Ans. Norfolk Beefing.

Varieties may be chosen from the above for special soils and situations, or to make up a collection.

A Selection Of Good Dessert Apples, With Their Seasons

July and August. Devonshire Quarrenden. Irish Peach. Mr. Gladstone.

August and September. Beauty of Bath. Summer Golden Pippin.

September and October. American Mother. Kerry Pippin. Lady Sudeley. Worcester Pearmain. Yellow Ingestrie.

Fig. 35. Apple Worcester Pearmain.
Fig. 35. Apple Worcester Pearmain

October to December, Allington Pippin. Duchess's Favourite, Gravenstein.

October to January, Colonel Vaughan. Cornish Aromatic. King of the Pippins. Scarlet Pearmain.

October to February. Chelmsford Wonder. Cox's Orange Pippin.

Fig. 34. Apple Cox's Orange Pippin.
Fig. 34. Apple Cox'S Orange Pippin

October to March. Court of Wick. Hormead Pearmain. Mannington's Pearmain.

November to January. Downton Pippin.

November to February. Blenheim Pippin, Margil.

November to March. Claygate Pearmain. Keddieston Pippin.

November to April. Braddick's Nonpareil.

November to May. Ashmead's Kernel.

December to February. Adams's Pearmain. Fearn's Pippin. Rosemary Russet.

December to March. Baumann's Winter Reinette. Golden Knob. Ribston Pippin.

December to April. Wyken Pippin.

December to May. Cornish Gilliflower. Court Pendu Plat.

January to June. Sturmer.

It may now be useful to give a few selections of Apples for various special purposes.