Amiral Avellan. - A very old variety, but still grown for its very sweetly scented reddish-coloured flowers.

Argentceflora. - This flower is white, tinged with pink, of small size, but possessing strong stems.

Baronne A. de Rothschild. - A fine new variety with large, purple flowers.

Cyclops. - The peculiarity of this variety is that the blue flowers have a rosette of white petals in the centre.

La France, - This is one of the newer type, having large roundish flowers of a violet-blue shade.

Princess of Wales. - The purple flowers of this variety are as large as many Violas. It was first exhibited from Windsor, but was probably introduced there from the Continent. A fine bloom is illustrated in the plate.

Rose Perle. - One of the most distinct of Violets, being of a rose colour with white centre. The blooms are of medium size.

St. Helena. - This variety is said to have been introduced from St. Helena. The flowers are bluish mauve, and are most freely produced.

Victoria Regina. - This variety belongs to the low-habited section, having small foliage but producing a great number of runners, which flower abundantly.

White Czar. - The White Czar is not always constant, owing to some of the flowers coming blue.

Sulphurea. - The newest approach to a single yellow Sweet Violet.