C6 H5 CH : CH • COOCH2 CH : CH • C6 H6.

The cinnamyl ester of cinnamic acid, also known as styracin, C18H1602, is found in storax, also in the oils of hyacinth (?), xanthorrhoea resin, Peru balsam and Honduras balsam.

When pure it constitutes shiny white crystalline masses which melt at 44o,1) are insoluble in water, and rather difficultly soluble in alcohol. With water vapor the ester is difficultly volatile.

Of its derivatives the dibromide, C6H5CH: CHC02CH2-CHBr-CHBrC6H5, which melts at 151° should be mentioned. According to Miller2), it is obtained by adding bromine to an ethereal solution of styracin until it is no longer decolorized. After 24 hours the white powder that has been deposited is removed by filtration, washed with ether and recrystallized from hot alcohol.