Upon dehydration with zinc chloride or phosphorus pent-oxide of the caryophyllene alcohol, obtained by hydration of the the hydrocarbon, Wallach1) secured the clovene, a sesquiterpene thus far not found in volatile oils.

B. p. 261 to 263°; d18o0,930; nD18o 1,50066; mol. refr. 64,77.

Upon hydration, clovene is not again converted into caryo-phyllene hydrate. For its identification a comparison of the physical constants has to be resorted to. By the action of para formaldehyde on clovene, Genvresse2) obtained an alcohol C15H23CH2OH, m. p. 170° (12mm.); d0o1,001; aD - 7°40' (in a 6,03 p. c. chloroform solution); nD 1,508. This ought to be suited to the identification of the hydrocarbon.