The presence of ethyl acetate (acetic ether) in volatile oils has not yet been demonstrated. However, an observation by Goppert1) is on record, according to which the flowers of Magnolia fuscata, more particularly the fallen petals, develope an odor closely resembling that of ethyl acetate. Hence this ester, though of technical and particularly of pharmaceutical importance, is of little interest to the perfume chemist. Ethyl acetate is a colorless, neutral liquid possessing a refreshing odor. It boils at approximately 76° and at 15° has a specific gravity of 0,90 to 0,91. With the ordinary organic solvents it is miscible in all proportions. For many substances it acts as a good solvent. 18 p. of water dissolve 1 p. of acetic ether. On the other hand 28 p. of acetic ether dissolve 1 p. of water.