During the middle ages spoonwort was regarded as a remedy against scurvy. As such it is mentioned in older treatises on medicine and distillation. It was pictured in Joh. Wier's3) treatise on scrofula in 1567. The distilled oil of spoonwort seems to have been known and to have been used medicinally since the middle of the sixteenth century. This use, however, does not appear to have been general, for the oil is not mentioned in any edition of the Dis-pensatorium Noricum, neither in the Pharmacopcea Augustana nor in Schrceder's Pharmacopcea medico-physica of Frankfurt-on-the-Main. It occurs, however, in the municipal ordinance of Frankfurt of 1587. Later it occurs also in inventories of apothecary shops of Braunschweig and Dresden of 1640 and 1683 respectively.4) At the beginning of the eighteenth century it was distilled by Friedr. Hoffmann in Halle and described by him.