Family: Pandanaceae.

In India, Arabia and Persia, the flowers of Pandanus odora-tissimus, L. (Fam. Pandanaceae) are highly esteemed because of their fragrance and supposed medicinal virtue1). An infusion of the bruised stems is applied by the Mohammedan physicians against a variety of diseases. The Hindoos regard the aqueous distillate of the flowers as a prophylactic against small-pox. If the aqueous distillate is to be used as perfume, the flowers - to which sandalwood has been added - are occasionally distilled with rose water. An aromatic infused oil is also prepared with the aid of sesamum oil.

According to Holmes2) the volatile oil has a very pleasant, decidely honey-like oder. Nothing more is known about the properties of the oil.

Family: Gramineae.

Cymbopogon Oils (Andropogon Oils).