From the "Kolonialwirtschaftliches Komitee" in Berlin, Schimmel & Co.3), received a small lot of grass obtained from the Sudan, which Dr. Giessler, Custodian at the Botanical Institute in Leipzig, recognized as Andropogon Schoenanthus subspec. nervatus, Hack. From it 1,9 p.c. of a brownish oil were obtained which showed some similarity with the common gingergrass oils but which could not compete with them because of its faint odor. Its constants were as follows: d15o 0,9405; aD + 26°22'; nD20o 1,49469; A. V. 4,6; E. V. 9,3; E. V. after acetylation 99,1; soluble in 0,5 and more vol. of 80 p.c. alcohol. From the diluted solution paraffin separated.