All parts of Allium ursinum, L. (Ger. Barlauch), leaves, flowers and bulb have a most penetrating, garlic-like odor.

Upon distillation of the entire plant, 0,007 p. c. of a strongly refractory oil of dark-brown color was obtained. Its odor, which somewhat resembles that of garlic, is yet quite different therefrom. The taste is burning and pungent; d13o1,015.

The oil distils over almost completely between 95 and 106°. According to Semmler5), it consists principally of vinyl sulphide (C2H3)2S (b.p. 101°; d 0,9125). The constitution of vinyl sulphide is expressed by the following structural formula.

vinyl sulphide

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In addition, this oil contains polysulphides of vinyl, also a very small amount of a mercaptan, and an aldehyde that has not been further investigated.