The fresh rhizome of Alpinia malaccensis, Roscoe (Ladja goah), which grows wild in Java, yields upon distillation about 0,25 p.c. of oil of a pleasant odor. Its specific gravity fluctuates between 1,039 and 1,047 at 27°. In a 200 mm. tube, it deviates polarized light between 0,25 and 1,5° to the right.

When cooled slightly, the bulk of the oil solidifies, hand-some, long needles being formed. As their investigation has shown, these crystals consist of cinnamic acid methyl ester.

An oil which congealed at 25,5° had a S.V. of 279,5 = 80,5 p.c. of methyl cinnamate. It formed a clear solution with 1 vol. of 80 p.c. alcohol-). Another oil had the following properties: d16o 1,0493; aD-0°20'; nD20o1,54768; congealing point 19,6°; A.V. 1,8; E.V. 256,0 = 74,1 p.c. methyl cinnamate; soluble in 1 vol. of 80 p. c. alcohol, the addition of 2 vol. and more of alcohol causing the separation of paraffin. (Observation in the laboratory of Schimmel & Co.).

The oil from the leaves was likewise prepared and examined by P. van Romburgh3). From 700 kilos of fresh leaves 1100 cc. = 0,16 p.c. of oil were obtained: d26o,02; aD+ 6,5°. When the oil was treated with sodium hydroxide solution, about 25 p.c.

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thereof remained unattacked. A volatile liquid was obtained, which distilled for the most part between 160 and 170°. This substance can also be separated by steam distillation from the 75 p.c. of methyl cinnamate which remains behind in a fairly pure state and crystallizes well upon cooling.

Fraction 158 to 160° (d26o 0,857; aD + 21°50') consists of d-a-pinene (m. p. of nitrosochloride 108°; of nitrolpiperidide 118 to 119°).