Family: Pinaceae.

Kauri copal obtained from Agathis australis, Salisb. (Dam-mara australis, Lamb.) contains a volatile oil which can be obtained by distillation with water vapor, either directly or after having removed the resin acids with alkali1).

Upon destructive distillation O. Wallach2) obtained 22 p. c. of an oil. This consisted of isoprene, of an oxygenated sub-stance boiling at 90°, of about 25 p. c. of d-a-pinene (nitroso1) A. Tschirch and B. Niederstadt, Arch. der Pharm. 239 (1901), 308. 2) Liebig's Annalen 271 (1892), 308. pinene, m. p. 129 to 130°; nitrolpiperidine, m. p. 119°), and dipentene (fraction 175°; tetrabromide m. p. 125°).

L. Schmolling1) obtained, upon dry distillation, an oil that was light-yellow in color, mobile, and of a pleasant odor: d16.0,8677; A.V. 3,0; S.V. 49; Iodine V. 288,9.

From oil that had been standing for a long period in a cool place fine crystalline needles had separated which, upon recrystal-lization from dilute alcohol, melted at 168°. Elementary analysis revealed the formula C9H16022).