According to Dr. A. j. Ulte'e of Salatiga, Java, the rhizome of Gastrochilus pandurata, Ridl.2) (family Zingiberaceae), is known to the natives as temu-kuntji and used by them as a medicine and as a spice. Upon distillation it yields 0,1 to 0,37 p. c. of an almost colorless oil, the odor of which greatly resembles that of tarragon and basilicum oils. d15o 0,8746; aD 4-10° 24'; nD20o 1,48957; A.V. 0; E.V. 17,3; incompletely soluble in 10 vols, of 80 p. c. alcohol, with 90 p. c. alcohol it forms a clear solution.