Origin. The comminuted fruits (seeds and shells of Amomum Mala, K. Schum., a zingiberaceous plant which is widely distributed in the forests of German East Africa, have been distilled in the Biologic-Agricultural Institute in Amani3), yielding 0,76 p.c. of a brownish-yellow oil.

1) Report of Schimmel & Co. October 1897, 10.

2) The camphor mentioned by Fluckiger in Pharmacographia IInd ed.. p. 647, was probably not obtained from Ceylon cardamoms but from Siam cardamoms.

3) Report of Schimmel & Co. April 1905, 84.

Properties and Composition. d15o0,9016; aD- 10 54'; A.V.3,5; E. V. 1,7; E.V. after acetylation 67,05; with 1 to 1,5 vol. and more of 80 p.c. alcohol it forms a turbid solution.

Under 7 mm. pressure the oil distilled between 51 and 100°. The investigation revealed the presence of much cineol (m. p. of the iodol compound 112°); also of terpineol.