Aframomum angustifolium, K. Schum.1), is a kind of cardamom indigenous to German East Africa but it also occurs in Madagascar and the Seychelles islands. From the seeds of this plant which were sent to Schimmel & Co.2) from Usambara they obtained 4,5 p.c. of a colorless oil of the following properties: d15o0,9017; aD - 16°50'; nD20o,46911; A.V. 0,4; E.V. 4,2; soluble in 6 vol. and more of 80 p.c. alcohol.

As to odor, this oil cannot enter into competition with the Ceylon cardamom oil. Its large cineol content reminds one of oil of cajeput. The amount of oil available was too small to ascertain anything as to its composition.