Korarima cardamoms, formerly called Cardamomum ma/us, are of the size and shape of a little fig. They originate from the countries to the south of Abyssinia and but rarely enter European commerce. The mother plant of this variety of cardamoms is the Amomum Korarima, Pereira. Of this plant the seeds and fruits only are known. Whether a separate species is justified or whether the fruits are derived from species of Aframomum already described, is uncertain at present3).

The oil from these fruits was first distilled by Schimmel & Co.4) in 1877 who obtained a yield of 2,13 p. c.

H.Haensel5) obtained 1,72 p.c. of oil upon distillation. d16o0,903; aD - 6,82°; S.V. 50; S.V. after acetylation 107; soluble in 1 vol. of 80 p.c. and in 17 vol. of 70 p.c. alcohol.

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