From spurious cubebs1), characterized by a striking mace odor and derived from an unknown species of Piper, J. C. Umney and H. V. Potter2) obtained 4 p.c. of an oil which had a distinct odor of mace: d 0,894; aD+16°; S. V. 0; E. V. after acetylation 56,1. By way of comparison, genuine cubebs were distilled. These yielded more than twice as much oil, 0,917; optical rotation - 43°.

A further decided difference in the two oils was noticeable in their boiling temperatures. The oil from the spurious cubebs began to boil below 160°, one half passed over below 200°, and an additional 30 p.c. between 200 and 270°. The oil from the genuine cubebs contained only 5 p.c. of constituents boiling below 200°; about 85 p.c. passed over between 200 and 257°.