Division: Eumycetes.

Family: Polyporaceae.

The Weidenschwamm, or bracket fungus growing on willow, Trametes suaveolens, Fr. (Boletus suaveolens, L), formerly official as Fungus suaveolens or Fungus salicis, contains a substance characterized by a pleasant odor reminding of anise, which becomes particularly apparent when the cut fungi are being dried. The substance is destroyed when the fungus is l) Monatsh. f. Chem. 21 (1900), 571; Chem. Zentralbl. 1900, 11. 637. distilled with water vapor. The aqueous distillate, which is rendered turbid by flocculi held in suspension, no longer has the odor of anise, but that of amanitol1) contained in fly agaric.