Like the buds and leaves, so the bark of the white birch, Betula alba, L., contains a volatile oil which has been obtained with a yield of 0,052 p.c.1). Its odor resembles that of the bud oil), it is brown in color and, when cooled, becomes turbid because of the separation of crystals. d22o8953, and d20o0,9003; aD - 12,08°; A. V. 13,3 and 9,1; E.V. 11,5 and 11,4; E.V. after acetylation 56,9 and 36,5. It contains palmitic acid and a sesquiterpene which is probably monocyclic and possesses the following properties: b.p. 255 to 256° (744 mm.); d20o 0,8844; aD - 0,5°. In ethereal solution it combines with 1 mol. of hydrogen chloride. When boiled with anhydrous sodium acetate, the liquid chlorhydrate (d20o 0,9753) yields a hydrocarbon which boils at 258 to 260° (747 mm.) and has a specific gravity of 0,8898 at 20°.