Family: Ulmaceae.

The wood of Celtis reticulosa, Miq. (family Ulmaceae), is classed with the odoriferous woods of Java3), since it is utilized as an ingredient of fumigating mixtures and face powders.

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However, the odor of the hard, yellow or brown to black modulated wood, which contains skatol, is by no means agreeable, hence the native designation kaju tai, or stink wood. The presence of skatol was demonstrated by Dunstan and by Greshoff1). The fecal odor, however, diminishes greatly when the wood is dried. In a dry, old wood W. G. Boorsma2) could find no skatol. The light petroleum and ether extracts, though they possessed an offensive odor, gave no reactions for skatol and indol. However, the alcoholic extract yielded a nitrogenous substance which is possibly related to skatol.

According to C. A. Herter3) the wood of the trunk also contains indol. The skatol, which is not found in the wood of the twigs, bark and roots, amounted to 0,01 p.c.