Origin and Production8). The leaves and more particularly the roots of the American Asarum arifolium, Michx. contain a volatile oil of which from 7 to 7,5 °/o are obtained upon distillation with water vapor.

Properties3). A colorless oil with a bitter taste and an aromatic odor recalling that of sassafras, d 1,0585 to 1,0609; «D - 2° 55' to 3° 7'; nD20.1,531065 to 1,531875.

Composition. According to E. R. Miller ), the principal constituent of the oil is safrol (m. p. of a-homopiperonylic acid 127 to 128°; of piperonylic acid 227 to 228"). In addition the presence of the following substances was ascertained: 1-a-pinene (m. p. of nitrolpiperidide 118 to 119°); eugenol (m. p. of benzoyl eugenol 69 to 70°); a small amount of a second phenol that produced a green color reaction with ferric chloride; methyl eugenol (m. p. of tribromide 78 to 79°), methylisoeugenol (m. p. of dibromide 99 to 101) and asarone (m. p. 62 to 63°).

1) Journ. chem. Soc. SI (1902), 59.

2) According to a communication from Dr. C. Kleber in Clifton, N. J., the oil contains eugenol, which was identified by means of its benzoate.

3) Arch, der Pharm. 240 (1902), 371.