According to Schimmel & Co.2), the oil distilled from the fresh flowers of Michelia longifolia, Blume, a tree growing in Java, is almost water-white, very limpid, and its odor reminds vividly of that of basilicum: d15o 0,883; aD - 12° 50'.

From the flowers of the same species Brooks3) obtained a dark product but does not record the method of preparation. It had the following properties: d 0,897; nD30o 1,4470; E.V. 180,0. It contains linalool (characterized by its boiling point and its oxidation to citral), methyleugenol (oxidation to veratric acid which melted at 179 to 180°), methylethylacetic acid (silver salt), acetic acid, also traces of a phenol that had the odor of thymol.