The seeds of Monodora Myristica, Dunal (family Anonaceae), which are esteemed as spice and medicament by the natives of the west coast of Africa, contain, in addition to fat, a volatile oil of which 5,31) to 7 p.c.2) are obtained by steam distillation. It is yellow in color, shows a greenish-yellow fluorescence and has a very pleasant odor. An oil distilled by H. Thorns2) had d20o 0,896; [a]D - 64,96°. The oil deprived of its free acids and traces of phenols was fractionated in vacuum. The terpene fraction (d20o0,842) consisted principally of l-Iimonene (b.p. 74 to 76° under 16 mm. pressure; aD - 105,68°; m.p. of nitrosochloride 103 to 105°). In the third fraction, which constituted 20 p.c. of the oil and which boiled at 110 to 116° (16 mm.), the presence of a substance C10H16O was established which, according to H. Thorns, is probably identical with myristicol2).

An oil distilled by Schimmel & Co.1) had the following properties: d15o0,859; aD - 117°40'; A.V. 1,36; E.V. 3,4; E.V. after acetylation 27,11; soluble in about 4 vol. or more of 90 p.c. alcohol.

In the main it consisted of phellandrene. The melting point of the nitrite, re-crystallized from acetic ether, was found at 114 to 115°.