"Swamp red bay" or simply "swamp bay" are the names commonly applied to Persea pubescens, (Purch.) Sarg (P. caro-linensis, Nees), family Lauraceae, which is indigenous to the middle belt, of North America. According to F. Rabak3) the leaves yield 0,2 p.c. of oil with the following properties: d25o0,9272; aD + 22,4°; nD25o1,4695; A.V.2,8; E.V. 14,5; E.V. after acetylation 64; soluble in 1/3 vol. of 80 p.c. alcohol, the solution, however, becomes turbid upon the addition of 5 vol. or more of the solvent. Of free acids butyric acid only was found. In the form of esters, Rabak found butyric, valeric and a little cenanthic acids. The following substances were also identified: 21 p.c. d-camphor (m.p. of semicarbazone 237 to 239°; of oxime 117 to 118°), 19,8 p.c. of cineol (m.p. of hydrobromide 55 to 57°) and possibly small amounts of borneol and formaldehyde.