Family: Saxifragaceae.

From the buds of the black currant (Ribes nigrum, L, Ger. Schwarze Johannisbeere, family Saxifragaceae) Schimmel & Co. 2) obtained a volatile oil with a yield of 0,75 p. c. It had the following properties: d16o0,8741; aD + 2°30'; nD20o1,48585; A.V. 0; E.V. 5,6; soluble in 6,5 vol. or more of 90 p.c. alcohol. This solution is slightly turbid, but the turbidity disappears upon greater dilution (1:10). The oil was pale green as to color and, judging by its odor, contained cymene.

From the leaves Huchard1) obtained a volatile oil which upon hydrolysis yielded quinic acid and a very active oxidase. Constants and other properties of the oil are not enumerated but mention is made of its diuretic properties.

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