When distilled the bark of Prunus sphadrocarpa, Ser. (family Rosaceae), a tree rather common in most of the Brazilian states, yields, according to Th. Peckolt2), 0,046 p.c. of a volatile oil with the odor of bitter almond oil; d18o1,0409. The flowers also have the odor of benzaldehyde. From the seeds the same investigator isolated 0,910 p.c. of crystalline amygdalin. From the leaves and bark he obtained amorphous substances only, which, however, reacted with emulsin.

The fresh leaves yielded a distillate rather weak in hydrogen cyanide its content varying according to the months in which the material was collected. Thus the material collected early in March (summer) yielded 0,085 p.c. of hydrogen cyanide, that collected early in September (winter) 0,0016 p.c, and that collected early in December (spring) 0,005 p.c.