A new kind of false buchu leaves has been described by C. Edward Sage4). They are known as "karroo buchu" and l) Tiemann records 81,5 to 82,5° as melting point. -) Comp. Chemist and Druggist 78 (1911), 854.

3) Pharmaceutical Journ. 90 (1913), 60. 4) Chemist and Druggist 65 (1904), 506, 737.

are derived from Diosma succulenta var. Bergiana. The leaves are 3 to 6 mm. long and 1,75 mm. wide, the margin is entire, the blade ovate with a pointed, slightly recurrent apex. The tissue is leathery and studded with oil glands.

The oil obtained from a small sample was insufficient for an investigation, but it appeared to be the equal of that from the leaves of Barosma betulina, Bartl. The oil obtained by steam distillation is semisolid (even in August) and has a strong, peppermint-like odor. Ferric chloride produces a faint red color.