Callitris propinqua, R. Br.3) (Frenela Moorei, Parlat.), known as cypress pine, occurs in New South Wales, South Australia and in the Kangaroo islands.

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The leaf oil, distilled in May with a yield of 0,41 p. c, had the following properties: d19/15o 0,8662; aD +32,40; nD19o 1,4752; S.V. hot 34,88; S.V. cold 25,27; with 10 vols, of 90 p. c. alcohol no clear solution resulted.

The constituents of this oil are almost identical with those of the oil of Callitris glauca.

An oil distilled from the twigs with fruits (yield 0,326 p. c. in March) showed: d20/15o 0,8709; aD + 20,5°; nD19o 14749; S.V.32,24.