We stumbled into our educational system blindly. We have not been able to extricate ourselves from its restrictions. Yet the average parent has great faith in education. He desires that his children go through the stereotyping process. He is anxious to have some place to send his child. He wants to get the child off his hands. He does not want to shoulder the responsibility of rearing the child. Some women send their children to boarding schools and adopt a pug dog. Such women are not mothers. They are slackers, moral cowards.

The state claims the child. It takes the child at an early age. The parent has no choice. The child must go to school and learn all the vices, or the parent is punished. Parents are responsible for this. The state could not have confiscated their children had the parents not been all too willing. Children interfere with the pleasures of parents. They create responsibilities. They are glad that the state demands to be allowed to serve as parents.

Complaints have come from the police at Coney Island that many mothers temporarly abandon their children while having a "good time" at the beaches. It is stated that mothers have been seen drinking and dancing while their children were crying their eyes out, believing they were lost. Nearly all the leaders in the feminst movement demand state care of children, this care to commence before birth and extend to maturity. Feminists especially do not want to be bothered with children. The children interfere with the glittering careers they seek. Children, they say, should be brought up by trained nurses plus the cow. The church cannot and should not usurp the duties of parents. The duty of training a child falls naturally upon the parents. Moral instruction particularly should be given by the parent. Not alone by precept, BUT BY EXAMPLE. Character building in the young belongs to the parent. The chief trouble with the youth of today is their slacker parents. Parents pass the buck to the institutions. And institutions cannot perform the work of parents.

Two young ladies sat in a restaurant having lunch. They talked of friends and families. We learned from their conversation that they were both single. From their appearance and from remarks they made we judge them to be about 23 and 26 years of age. They work in an office in the city. The conversation turned to the young baby of a friend of theirs. They discussed its name. Then the oldest girl remarked: "I am going to name my baby Evelyn." The younger one remarked "I am going to name my baby Doloris." Now, there are more important things to give a baby than names. The right kind of a baby can make a name for itself. But here were two prospective mothers--or at least they think they will some day be mothers--who were only thinking of names for their future babies, providing (and they probably haven't considered this) that they are to become mothers.

They were both extremely thin--twenty or more pounds under weight. They carried their complexions in their handbags and put on a new one after they had finished eating. Their lips were of a deep red hue--but it was rouge. There was redness of their cheeks which feebly imitated but over-emphasized the pink cheeks of health--but it was rouge. At so young an age their teeth were defective. One of them had at least one tooth with a gold filling. Their "eats" could not be called food-- it consisted of egg on toast and a cup of coffee. The toast, two layers of it, was of white bread. Into the coffee, one of them put four teaspoonsful of white sugar, and the other two. One of them smoked two cigarettes during their short stay at the table. The other felt that she had had enough until later in the day.

We are beginning to learn something of the influence of poor nutrition on the germ plasm. We are learning of the influence of food, sunshine, poisons, etc. Only a properly fed mother can have sound children . She must also have sunshine. She must not be poisoned. We have learned that so-called hereditary syphilis is mercurial or arsenical or other poison derived from the mother. It is time the future mothers and fathers, that are now growing up, were informed of the evils they are bringing upon their children by their own reckless follies and mad pursuit of the goddess of false pleasure.

An infant needs more than a name that the mother likes. Give the child a sound body, and he'll bless you for it to the end of his life.

Some people smother their children with indulgent attention. They spray them with meaningless education. They raise them in crowded apartments and feed their growing bodies on denatured foods. They over-stimulate them in a hundred different ways. They do not give them an opportunity for normal development. Then they blame the children when they become bob-haired bandits, or youthful gunmen, or boy murderers, or present other neurotic manifestations. We have to build prisons and insane asylums to house them later. We have to maintain police forces and courts to corral and convict them. We sometimes have (?) to electrocute them.

Many parents neglect the moral development of their children. They bring them up in a social whirlpool. They fail to give them the most vital facts of life. They grow up amid the strife and greed of business ethics that hark back to the jungles. They are often taught that they should avoid hard work. They look for soft jobs at big pay. They are sometimes supplied with a constant round of thrills and excitement. And the parents who are often to blame, hold their children responsible for the inevitable results of their own ignorance and folly.

Children are not naturally evil. All life is good. All normal manifestations of life are good. Under natural conditions life develops naturally. Body and mind unfold in an orderly and progressive manner. Mentally, physically, morally and socially, the child tends naturally toward the ideal. Only suppressed and perverted development is productive of evil.

Give children a chance and they will produce splendid types of manhood and womanhood. Take them out of the crowded, filthy slums. Give children a place to play. Give them fresh air and sunshine. Feed them wholesome food. Provide them with an opportunity to exercise their creative ingenuity and imagination. Give them a wholesome environment. Stop poisoning their bodies with drugs and serums. These provisions will give us strong, heartily virile men and women. These provisions will ultimately empty our prisons and asylums. They will give us workers instead of shirkers. These children will then grow up well-poised instead of weakly neurotics. A really cultured and intelligent people will always create the good and beautiful and not the ugly and immoral.