INDIGESTION is due to over-feeding, wrong feeding, over excitement, over-heating, chilling, to much handling and to drugging. Sugar, candy, cookies, etc., are frequent causes of indigestion.

If a child "loses its appetite," know that it is either sick or fatigued. Do not coax it to eat. The lack of appetite is a saving thing.

Pain, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, foul breath and loss of ppetite, with listlessness are the chief symptoms.

It is said that many of the acute diseases begin with these symptoms, and so they do; they would also end with these if feeding and drugging were not resorted to. Most serious illnesses are the results of feeding and drugging simple ailments.

Never feed sick children. Let them fast. And please bear in mind that fasting is not starving. On this subject of fasting I recommend to my readers my two books, Human Life It's Philosophy and Laws, and The Regeneration Of Life.

Don't give your child bicarbonate of soda, castor oil, pepsin, hydrochloric acid, pancreatin, bile salts, or other drugs commonly used in cases of indigestion. Do not give them tonics (atonics), appetizers, antifermentatives, etc. These do not remove the causes of the indigestion; but they do add to the causes. They are injurious and valueless.

Stop all food so long as there are acute symptoms. Keep the child warm and in bed.

After the symptoms are gone, feed and care for it properly. If your child suffers with digestive disorders, you are to blame.