"WORMS will never trouble a well-fed child," says Dr. Page. "Indigestible food or overeating is usually the cause of these 'natural scavengers;' Bread, of unbolted grain, ripe fruits, and vegetables, simply boiled or baked, infrequent meals and temperance, constitute a plan of medication that is death on worms, and better than all the nostrums and vermifuges in existence."

The powders and medicines used to destroy worms upset the stomach and intestines of children and seldom hurt the worms.

Most cases of "worms" are not worms. The following symptoms of worms are the most common ones: Fretfulness, crying fits, great irritability, nervousness; intense pain under the navel, vomiting (in some cases), disturbed sleep, grinding of the teeth in sleep, tossing in sleep, fits and convulsions. The child may awake with fits and starts.

These symptoms may all be caused by over-eating with no worms present. They are symptoms of indigestion.

Worms and parasites find lodgement in the human intestine only after these organs and their secretions have been weakened and depraved. Enervation and wrong eating give them a chance to live in our bodies. Candy, sugar, butter, jam, jelly, yeast bread, etc., and general lack of cleanliness are the chief causes.

A fast and a fruit diet is the immediate remedy. After the worms are banished, proper feeding and better hygiene will prevent a recurrence of the trouble.

Only those have tapeworm, hookworm and other intestinal parasites whose digestive secretions have lost their defensive potencies. Only those harbor germs whose secretions have lost their immunizing powers. To cure such, we must do more than get rid of the worms and germs. Such a procedure only brings the body back to where it was before the infestation took place and leaves the way open for reinfestation. These people need to have their health built up, so that their lost self-protective powers are restored. Until the broken-down-defenders are restored and normal resistance rebuilt, no true cure can be claimed. This restoration of the body-defenses cannot be accomplished by artificial measures of any kind.