The increasing use of the medical profession and its anti-natural methods and measures results in an increased death rate and an increase in chronic disease What good is a urinalysis? It can discover trouble (some trouble) only after it is well developed. It cannot prevent the development of trouble. It cannot point the remedy. It deals with effects, end-points, not causes. If it reveals trouble, it is followed by drugging or inoculation; it is not followed by the correction of causes. Examinations of all kinds are of the same character.

Don't depend on your physician to save you. Acquire the knowledge necessary to save yourself. Learn how to live and you can prevent the development of the troubles your physician locates by means of the urinalysis. That he does not expect the advice he gives you to prevent the development of trouble, is evidenced by the fact that he insists so strenuously upon the frequent examinations and analyses. You want a saving knowledge, and not the stereotyped half-knowledge, handed out by the average physician, hospital or clinic.

You need wholesome outdoor exercise, pure air, plenty of rest and sleep, sun baths, freedom from worry, anxiety and other devitalizing influences. You should not be overworked. You should not be required to administer to the sexual desires of your husband during pregnancy. And last, but not least, you need proper food. I am going to deal somewhat at length with this matter of food, but must ask you to refer to my Orthotrophy--The Natural Diet of Man, for a more complete treatment of adult diet.

If you will eat properly and care for yourself properly during pregnancy, you will not only save your teeth and preserve your health and assure yourself a healthy, vigorous child, but you will make childbirth safe and easy and, providing you are normally developed and live fully right, make childbirth painless.

Not only must the mother supply the calcium or lime salts and phosphates, so essential to the development of the teeth and bones of the child, both before birth and during the nursing period, but she must supply every other element the child requires. She must supply the vitamins if these actually exist. She must supply the child with sunshine, and where she fails to secure these for herself, the child will also be deprived of them.

Cereals, especially, seem to induce defective teeth, particularly when not counterbalanced with large quantities of green foods and fresh fruits.

The effect of deficient diets reach through more than one generation. Female dogs fed on a diet which produces rickets gave birth to pups which were so strongly predisposed to rickets that the feeding of good food for a considerable period did not remove the tendency to rickets. The dietary deficiencies also increased the susceptibility of the young to respiratory troubles, such as catarrhal conditions (these often extending into and impairing the digestive tract) and pneumonia.

McCollum has pointed out that a slightly deficient diet eaten over a period of generations, lowers vitality, predisposes to premature old age, and shortens life. Grant and Goettsch found that a slightly deficient diet eaten over a long period of time produces pathological conditions which never result from extreme dietary deficiencies.

They found that young animals have rickets only when the diet of the mother is of a type which leads to rickets They proved that tile mother's diet governs absolutely the decreased or Increased resistance of the young to the effects of deficiencies in their own food. Rickets they found, will not develop in young animals whose diet is deficient in bone material, providing they are born of well nourished mothers. The rapidity and severity with which rickets develops in young animals, depends very largely upon the depletion of the mother's nutrition during pregnancy.

Well-nourished mothers (this does not mean over-fed) give birth to well-nourished and, therefore, well developed and vital children. Not merely the bones and teeth and respiratory organs are involved in the results of adequate or inadequate diets, but every tissue in the body is weakened or strengthened, as the case may be, by the mother's food. Mother's nutrition is the real prenatal influence.

Something is affecting the fertility of American families, according to our anthropologists and geneticists. For some reason few marriages ever result in anything beyond the fourth generation. The old American stock is dying off. There are exceptions, of course, but many of these marriages are wholly unproductive of progeny, while many family trees perish after the first or second generation.

A man or woman who possesses sufficient vitality to live to what we consider a "ripe old age" in spite of wrong habits of living, will produce off-spring who will not be able to duplicate that feat.

Unfertility in rats and other small animals and in lions can be produced by inadequate nutrition. A slight deficiency in certain of the essentials of nutrition results in either total inability to produce, or else a failure of each succeeding generation.