Surgeon J. P. Leake, says in Public Health Reports, Jan. 28, 1927, the weekly bulletin of the U. S. Public Health Service:

"Will a nonimmunized person contract smallpox if exposed to the disease? By no means uniformly. Exposure to smallpox, especially to the milder forms, without contracting the disease frequently occurs and is no definite evidence of immunity. The number of cases of smallpox among the unprotected persons in contact with patients suffering from the disease is very much less than 100 per cent."

"Though smallpox is unquestionably many times more frequent in the unvaccinated than in those who have had even a single vaccination, it is believed that neither the vaccination history nor the presence of scars should be given diagnostic weight. The unreliability of such a criterion is especially evident in virulent outbreaks of the disease.....

"The purpuric, uniformly-fatal, form of smallpox is the most difficult to prevent by vaccination, and cases of this form, without a true smallpox eruption, may occur in persons with a fairly good vaccination history."

"The mildness of the form of smallpox commonest at present is one reason for endeavoring to make preventive vaccination as harmless and as mild as possible."

"Cases, and even fatalities, occur in every severe epidemic among persons who were vaccinated in good time but with vaccine found, to late, to he of insufficient potency; such cases and fatalities also occur among persons thought to be protected by successful vaccination performed years previously."

You are vaccinated and have smallpox. The vaccine was of "insufficient potency" although this was discovered to late--that is, after you have the smallpox. You are vaccinated and do not develop smallpox--it is assumed that the vaccine was potent. It is like the old test for mushrooms--eat them and live they are mushrooms; eat them and die, they are toad stools.

In 1926, 30 members of the Dallas (Tex) Chamber of Commerce cancelled their trip to Mexico because vaccination was required as a precedent to entrance. Nearly a 100 medical men, at a conference in Dallas, went to Mexico, after they obtained permission to enter without being vaccinated. Think this over before you submit your child to this evil and superstitious rite.

This criminal practice will end as soon as parents develop sufficient interest in the welfare of their children. At present parents offer up their children on the alters of the smallpox goddess, because commercial ghouls demand it and hope that the children will not be greatly injured.

If a child is invalided for life or is killed, the parents meekly accept the lying alibies of the scoundrels who maim and murder children for money, cry a little, and return to their movies and joy rides.

Reader do you know how Judas felt after he had sold his master for a few pieces of silver? If you have surrendered your child to be vaccinated and inoculated, after you learned the truth, you know how he felt. There is one great difference between you and him--Judas had decency enough to go out and hang himself.