A case of post-vaccinal encephalitis was reported in Ireland this year (1930) in a baby boy of 10 months. He was vaccinated on May 3rd and became ill on May 10th, "being cross and very restless with vomiting. Next day he was quiet and apathetic, and on admission to the hospital his condition resembled tetanus."

The League of Nations in its Report of Aug. 27, 1928 mentions 139 cases and 41 deaths in Holland. This resulted in Holland stopping compulsory vaccination during 1920-29. The total number of vaccinations in Holland in the first half of 1928 was less than one- third of those for the first half of 1927 and the deaths from Encephalitis were reduced to less than one-third.

Germany is seeking a modification of her compulsory vaccination law. She is seeking an optional clause, such as the one England has. The International News Service, Feb. 27, 1930, informs us:

"The change of attitude of some medical experts towards vaccination in favor of a less rigid enforcement of the law has been brought about mainly through a considerable number of post-vaccinal diseases observed in Holland and England and in sporadic cases in Germany.

"Vaccinated people developed a sort of cerebral inflammation, (encephalitis post-vaccinalis) ### which resulted in a number of deaths and in several cases of a mild form of mental derangement."

Here is part of an item which appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association for April 5, 1930: "Reisch reports that following the vaccination of 233 children aged between 5 and 10 years, several cases with encephahtlc symptoms were observed. Two were especially severe and ended fatally. The necropsy revealed the changes characteristic of encephalomyelitis. Six other children also developed encephalitic symptoms from six to twelve days after the vaccination."

The Report of the Commission of Smallpox and Vaccination of the Health Organization of the League of Nations, Geneva, Aug. 27, I9z8, says: "The post- vaccinal encephalitis with which we are dealing has become a problem in itself mainly in consequence of the events of the last few years in the Netherlands and England and Wales. In each of these countries the cases which have occurred have been sufficiently numerous and similar to require them to be considered collectively. Their occurrence has led to the realization that a new, or at least a previously unsuspected or unrecognized, risk attaches to the practice of vaccination."

Now what of America? Do such cases ever occur here? They do. But they are seldom reported and, it seems, are never investigated.

This very year (1930) Julia Motley, age 12 of Irisburg, Va., died of acute infantile paralysis which "seized" her 3 weeks after she had been vaccinated. Her parents attributed her death to vaccination, whereupon the State Health Autherities came to the rescue of vaccination. The News Leader, Richmond, March 28, 1930 says: "While the parents gave vaccination as the cause of death, Dr. J. V. Shackleford, the physician, states that the death certificate (made out by him, of course), shows that the little girl died of acute infantile paralysis, with which she was seized three weeks after she had been vaccinated."

And that's that! The doctor who vaccinated the girl makes out the death certificate to shield himself and the vaccine and the matter in settled. The girl is now immune to smallpox and the smallpox goddess has been appeased.

This reminds me very much of a statement contained in the memorandum, of Professor Jorge, to the Committee of the International Office of Public Hygiene (published in the monthly bulletin of that organization, for Jan., 1927) where he refers to "the motives which weighed with us not to noise abroad in the great press the news of this complication of a prophylactic operation hitherto looked upon (sic) as innocuous. . ." (Italics mine.)

The press probably would not have published the news had they given it out, for, it always protects the medical profession. The press is as good about suppressing the truth as Professor Jorge and his co-workers.

The mediums of intelligence (?), our newspapers, magazines, movies, churches and schools, play a vast part in the continual bunking of our more or less brainy public, while every subsidized press or scientist, professor or preacher, is entirely a politicial organ, at the beck and call of the exploiters.

Of course, when it is all said and done, the class of nincompoops who take any stock in the stuff dished out, do not really count. They are like the defenders of any kind of "it-works-one-day-a-week" philosophy; in that when the tide rises they will found to be without a bathing suit.