The weight of the child, even at birth, depends much on the build of the parents. One should not expect to find a so-called fat baby where the mother and father are of the long, lean type. This is why the rules and tables for weights of children are so absurd. They do not take into consideration at all the parentage of the child.

When mothers watch their eating, and restrict themselves during pregnancy so as to have a normal and natural childbirth, the baby should weigh from three to six pounds. The rule is that there is no gain the first week, and neither is there much of a loss. In fact, children that are born of mothers who restrict themselves during pregnancy do not gain so much the first year as overfed children of overfed mothers, but they are much safer, so far as health is concerned, than those who gain so rapidly. Such children will be much more healthy and active. The gain during the first six months is usually from three to six pounds. There is nothing like the mother's milk to keep the gain in weight regular. Changing from one food to another always interferes with the proper development and gain in weight of the child. There are many things which occur during the first year to interfere with the steady increase in weight, and it is bound to vary from time to time. Mothers should not worry so much about the weight of their children, but pay more attention to their physical comfort, letting that be the guide in their care.

The fat child is supposed to be healthy, but a slender, wiry child always has a better chance for development and maturity than the overfat, roly-poIy child. A fat child is an incumbered child.