Cold in a baby is not different from a cold in grown people. All colds rest upon a basis of Toxemia plus indigestion. The child becomes enervated in various ways. It is not necessary for me to enumerate these, because those who do not know them may read "Toxemia Explained", and the chapter on "Enervation in Children", and there learn what it is that enervates children. There is considerable in that line preceding this subject in this book. Anything that uses up nerve-energy enervates, and the child becomes toxemic because the elimination of toxin is impeded. Then, if there is overfeeding--which the stools will always indicate, because there will be undigested food passing --we have the cause of "colds."

What is the "cure"? Clear out the bowels by use of enemas. Fast the child for one or two days--do not be afraid of starving it to death; allow it to go without food long enough to get rid of the undigested infecting material in the bowels. Then begin feeding, not more than one-half the amount that the child has been taking, and gradually increase to its toleration. How will the mother know when she has reached food toleration in the child? The child will act well and be happy, and the stools will not show curds, which are always an indication of undigested food passing from the bowels. If mothers would be careful to pay strict attention to this evidence of indigestion, and try to understand that it means overfeeding--not unsuitable food or that the milk disagrees--and correct it at once by reducing the intake, there would be very little sickness in children. It would bankrupt the manufacturers of baby food and depopulate heaven of babies; but we shall manage to get on somehow.