The word "abortion" means throwing-off of the foetus before the third month. It may be criminal abortion or brought on accidentally. After the third month it is called miscarriage. Abortions are frequently caused by over-excitement, long and tiresome rides, lifting and straining in housework, or excessive venery. This last-named cause is common to those wives whose consorts are sadly in need of knowledge of the true relationship of husband and wife. Excess brutalizes both husband and wife, breeds contempt, and often curses children before birth.

Mothers should keep quiet following an accident of the above-described kind. They should use hot douches three times a day. If there is pain, the family physician should be called. If no disagreeable symptoms appear, perhaps all that is necessary will be to use hot douches two or three times a day. No drugs are to be used in the douche, except a little salt or soda. When a disagreeable odor develops, a good doctor is needed. Cleanliness is the main thing; but, if there is any discomfort or fever following, a physician should be called who will give intra-uterine treatment. Neglect may cost a life.