All so-called diseases are one. You think infectious diseases must be treated differently from common fevers? This belief in the individuality of disease has been a stumbling-block to medical progress, and will continue to be until the unity of all disease is recognized.

Enervation, checking elimination from the blood, causes Toxemia. When the toxin accumulation rises above toleration, a crisis is established. These crises are the simple so-called diseases. When crises are complicated by infection from putrescence in the bowels, we have so-called infectious diseases.

Without gastro-intestinal putrescence in a toxemic subject, there can be no eruptive fevers. Keep the body free from infection autodeveloped, and all disease will be sidestepped.

Every child is prepared by fond, overindulgent parents for all the sickness it will have in its childhood. Health is the heritage vouchsafed by the gods for every child. If the child does not have health, stupidity reigns in the household.

Parents enervate themselves before marriage in their effort to "keep up with Lizzy"--keep pace with modern life and their children are born with low resistance. As nutrition is the most important function of child-life, the child born with lowered resistance has not the digestive power of more fortunate children. Many modern mothers cannot nurse their babies. This necessitates artificial feeding, which is simple enough to understand, but does require some knowledge and careful technique. Carelessness in care of bottles, in the quantity and quality of milk, and, too often, in general cleanliness of the body and its environments ends in sickness. Unfortunately, there is a popular belief that baby-feeding means excessive feeding, and that only fat babies are healthy babies. Everything else being equal, the fat baby is the one that gets sick, and the one that develops intestinal protein putrescence, manifesting in diphtheria or one of the eruptive types of fever. One of the greatest mistakes in child-feeding is that of feeding milk and starch in the same meal.

Elimination of putrescence by way of the skin is peculiar to overfeeding in child-life. However, we do see eruptive fevers in grown-up people. Surface elimination is a comparative measure. Mortality in eruptive fevers would be much greater if the lungs should be selected as the point of exit of intestinal infection, instead of the surface of the body. In every epidemic, those cases that develop lung complications are always seriously sick. When they do not die, disagreeable sequels may develop, such as a cough, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, nephritis, sinusitis (inflammation of a sinus), inflammation of the lymphatic glands of the neck, ear, and back of the ear--commonly called "lump"; swelling under the jaw or ear, or on the side of the neck; or grandular enlargement--mastoiditis (inflammation of the mastoid cells)--is not uncommon. For the treatment of these diseases, operations are too often performed. Parents who are as phobic as the medical profession concerning the need of feeding the sick must go the limit. If they persist in feeding when sinuses and glands are infected, pus will form, and an opening must be made for drainage. If food is withheld, infections will resolve and health return without pus forming; but I do not advise food-drunkards to wait until the eleventh hour to cut out feeding. I have seen resolution take place in antrum infection after the X- ray showed pus--that is, after a half-dozen to a dozen doctors had so interpreted the X-ray shadow.

Mumps is an inflammation and enlargement of the parotid glands, situated below the ears and behind the angles of the jaw. Great swelling produces a stiffness and soreness, and sometimes severe pain. If the mother wishes the child to recover quickly, she should put it to bed, and fast it until the swelling has disappeared. Then feed according to the instructions for children of its age in another part of this book.

If food is given at all during the sickness, it should be confined to a little fruit or fifty-fifty. A fast is best. If orange juice creates pain, as acids usually do in such cases, a fast is best until the inflammatory state is passed, which will be evidenced by the disappearance of the swelling, soreness and pain.

Children with "'colds,'' if fed and otherwise maltreated, will often develop pneumonia or bronchitis. What is pneumonia? It is a catarrhal state of the lungs brought on from putrescence in the intestines. What, in fact, is the symptom-complex named pneumonia? According to scientific medicine, "pneumonia is an acute disease most often due to a specific micro-organism, the pneumococcus. Besides this particular microbe, the streptococcus and the staphylococcus pyogenes may be the cause." This means that pneumonia is often caused by pneumococci, or it may be caused by the above-named bacilli coming from typhoid fever, or some other derangement that causes ulceration. The general understanding, however, is that simple pneumonia is caused by the germ pneumococcus. The whole germ theory can be dismissed with the one word "piffle."

Years of observation and "watchful waiting" have convinced me that in pneumonia the lungs are requisitioned as the organs to do vicarious eliminating for the regular eliminating organs, which have been put out of commission. (See "Toxemia Explained") A child develops Toxemia in the regular way. To this state, infection from the stomach and bowels is added--indigestion has continued until the protein of the milk has taken on a state of decomposition. Then, in children predisposed to lung troubles, there will be developed pneumonia or a bronchitis. There is very little difference between pneumonia and bronchitis. The air-cells are involved in pneumonia, and the bronchial tubes in bronchitis. Both come from the same cause and should be treated the same way.

What is the treatment? Stop food, wash out the bowels, and keep the child away from food until the intestines are cleaned out, the temperature normal, and the breath free of odor. If there is severe cough and much filling-up or stuffing-up of the lungs, and oppression in breathing, give hot tub bath to full relief as often as necessary; rub hot oil on the chest and cover with a layer of cotton. This is about the only local application necessary. The main cure (if we desire to use that term) is to keep the feet warm and bowels cleared out, withhold food until the cause gastro- intestinal fermentation and decomposition--has been entirely overcome. Then feed very lightly of the accustomed food, after giving diluted orange juice for two or three days.